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Shore Riders was born in 2010 with 12 bicycles, 2 plastic Adirondack chairs and a picnic table in the parking lot of Strollo’s Lighthouse Italian Ice.  Kim, Doug and Mike (the original owners) opened Barefoot Real Estate in 2011 and moved the bikes to their office on Arnold Avenue.  Both businesses continued to grow and Kim (with her husband, Tim) ended up buying out her partners.  In 2020, Shore Riders and Barefoot moved to their current location in downtown Point Pleasant Beach, which allows us to operate both businesses year round. 

We love seeing people smile as they ride away on our beach cruisers!

Meet the Team

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Kim was raised in Clifton – but was introduced to “The Shore” at the age of 2 when her parents decided to buy a little house at the beach.  After earning an NYU Film degree, she spent many years working in Hollywood. When it was time for her to take a more permanent hiatus from the constant demands of production work, the Jersey Shore was calling – or was it, Bruce?  In any case, Kim became a founding member of Shore Riders in 2010 while sitting outside of an ice cream shop watching the summer go by.  Now, you can usually find her at her desk as owner/broker of Barefoot Real Estate with her husband, Tim. 


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Tim is a Michigan native who made New Jersey his home after meeting Kim.  Having grown up in the Motor City, he’s always been drawn to things that have wheels.  You can usually find Tim behind his desk as owner/agent at Barefoot Real Estate (with wife, Kim) but during the summer, you’re more likely to find him “in back with the bikes” or moving bikes around with the truck.  Hawaiian music and non-fiction reading are his favorite genres.  When he’s not working – he’s trying to solve the worlds mechanical problems – or holding discussions about antiques and old things with anyone who will listen.  If Tim could pick one season – it would be summer all year! 


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Cheyenne is a native of Point Pleasant Beach and was raised exploring and appreciating all the attributes that came with living in this coastal town. She was brought up with a love for music and will travel to see a live show whenever she can. The ocean will always be her home but the mountains and national parks around the country ignites a plethora of wonder inside her heart. She has a passion for Graphic Design and loves to put her skills to use when she can. She not only works for Shore Riders but is a Real Estate Agent as well for Barefoot! All in all, Cheyenne loves to connect with people and is always looking forward to having a meaningful conversation or helping someone the best she can! 


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Megan attends Seton Hall University’s Physician Assistant program. She has spent all of her summers in Point Pleasant Beach. You can find her soaking up the sunshine at the beach if she is not out delivering Shore Riders Bike Rentals in the truck with Tim.


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Doug grew up on the beaches of the Jersey Shore. Born in Long Branch, he attended both Ithaca College and Montclair State University, attaining his B.A. in Theater Education. He went on to own multiple small businesses in Point Pleasant Beach, including the famous Strollo's Lighthouse Italian Ice. He now teaches high school at the Ocean County Performing Arts Academy and travels the Jersey Shore on his trusty bicycle.


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Caitlyn dreams about one day living on the beach!  She has been lucky enough to experience everything that Point Pleasant Beach has to offer throughout the past 5 years. Caitlyn may be young, but she is an old soul at heart. Listening to artists like The Eagles, Carol King & Fleetwood Mac remind her of summer at Shore Riders!  


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