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Where are you located?

421 River Avenue - Point Pleasant BEACH. We are right in downtown Point Pleasant Beach (Shore Riders/Barefoot Real Estate).  Our building is an old fire house. Make sure that you look for the intersection on the map – River Avenue & Arnold Avenue.  We are only about ¾ of a mile to the beach and boardwalk.  

Where can I ride? Is there a trail?

Most of our clients rent our bikes to explore the town and beach.  Many others rent for longer periods while they’re in the area visiting for weeks at a time. Unfortunately, there is not a trail or bike path at our location.  The boardwalk is fun to ride on too – but you can only ride the boardwalk during specific times/hours – please see “Can we ride on the boardwalk?”.

Can we ride on the boardwalk? 

We love riding on the boardwalk – but hours are very specific.  According to Borough of Point Pleasant Beach (ordinance 3-12.9) :

*May 01 - September 30 - Bicycles MAY BE ridden on the boardwalk between 5am-9am daily. *October 01 - April 30 - Bicycles MAY BE ridden on the boardwalk between 5am-9am, Saturday and Sunday; and between 6am-6pm Monday thru Friday – EXCEPT on state holidays.

What kind of bikes do you have?

We have high-quality, single-seat Beach Cruiser bikes for almost anyone who can ride a two-wheeler.  Our adult bikes are single speed with coaster brakes (no hand brakes).  We DO NOT have any bikes with multiple seats.  We DO NOT have any seat/child attachments or trailers.  

Do you offer pick-up or delivery?

If you'd like a delivery, please contact us to make a reservation in advance.  Typically, there is a $100 minimum rental fee for a courtesy delivery/pick up.  We try to do our best to connect you with your bikes so please understand that this is important to us.  However, we can’t always guarantee delivery times due to high volumes of requests and summer traffic. 

How many bikes do you have? Do you ever sell out?

We usually have bikes available – however, during peak season, WE DO SELL OUT.  Therefore, if you know you want to rent bikes for a certain date or extended timeframe, please reach out to us well in advance of your intended rental.  We DO take reservations.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, we do; but we also like to try to have the bikes YOU are looking for - READY and AVAILABLE for you to ride when you get here.   This eliminates waiting around when you want to be riding.  The best way to make sure we’re here and bikes are here - is to call/text ahead – 732-595-2453. 

Do you rent bikes year-round?

Yes – however, during off-season hours, our availability can vary quite a bit.  That said, we always try to help if we know you are coming.  One issue we have beyond summer is that we don’t tend to have daily staff.  Please contact us (call and/or text 732-595-2453) as soon as you’re able to make your plans and we’ll set up a reservation for you. 

Should we wear helmets?

Yes!  Of course – if you ask us – our answer will ALWAYS be YES!   As much as we love our quaint, little community, there can be traffic and there can always be a bump or two in the road ahead.  The only way to maximize your safety is to take the proper precautions.  Please ride safely, be visible, watch for traffic - and wear your helmet.  Please ask us if you need one.  We offer Small, Medium and Large to accommodate most everyone.   There is NO CHARGE for their use as long as you bring them back intact.

Do you provide bike locks?  should we lock the bikes when we’re not using them?

Yes, and Yes!  Lock up your bike and equipment if you are not with it/not riding it.  If you lose your bike, you won’t have anything to ride; and we won’t have anything to rent. Replacement costs for lost/stolen equipment are high because the bike you’re riding may already be reserved after you.  

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